tecnologia naturaqua fonti naturali rinnovabili
From Renewable Natural Sources
Hybrid materials with high technological content

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A path favored by water
Emulsions are a class of dispersed systems consisting of two immiscible liquids. The protective active liquid can be an oil, a liquid hybrid resin or a reactive pre-polymer while water is the second phase that acts as a dispersion medium. On the other hand aqueous dispersion polymers consist of a solid polymer which is synthesized dispersed in water - the polymerization medium

Elastic like rubber or hard like glass
The polymeric phase consists of submicron-sized spheres (micelles): a sample of 200 grams of an emulsion generally contains a number of spheres greater than that of the stars in the Milky Way. But the most striking feature of these polymers is the extremely high molecular weight, which approaches one million. For this reason, after the evaporation of the water, the polymers join together by coalescence into a tough, homogenous film. These films, depending on how they are prepared, can have the elasticity of rubber or the hardness of glass. Polymers created in emulsion offer another important advantage: they are easy to use and apply.

Respecting the essence
Water-based finishes generally have a neutral aesthetic effect and in some cases enable the original appearance of the untreated wood to be maintained to achieve the popular ‘Scandi’ look. Water-based products therefore have a "natural effect" based on the final aesthetic aspect as opposed to the material choice.