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When we talk about natural products for wood our thoughts immediately turn to water-based, safe and environmentally friendly formulations. However, it is with our ECO PREMIUM Oil Range which combines zero VOC emissions, zero solvent and zero water that Borma fully expresses all of its experience, know-how and commitment for this ecological transition and shares the passion of those who love nature and wood.
The ECO PREMIUM oil-based formulations consist of pure active substances derived from natural renewable sources (vegetable plants and other organisms).

Liquid, pure and reactive materials
The 100% pure liquid formulations do not release volatile substances (VOC FREE) and avoid the use of carriers (solvent or water) and the evaporation phase which affects the compact structure of the protective material. The pure liquid mixtures penetrate deeply into the wood, create a chemical bond with the cellulose fiber and after hardening by oxide-polymerization recreate a cross-linked resinous structure, similar to the original lignin.

A range of solutions
Borma Wachs oil-based technology offers different drying and hardening strategies for the applied formulations:
- natural oxidation-polymerization at room temperature (air and sun)
- oxidation-polymerization in temperature with heating by friction (single disc polisher)
- reaction polymerization of zero emission formulations (mixing of two reactive components)
- zero emission UV crosslinking (UV lamps in portable equipment)

A choice of values
The ECO PREMIUM finishes represent a conscious choice of “natural” substances. The precious content of oil from vegetable origin supports the objective of natural purity whilst enriching and enhancing the performance and ensures a satisfying achievement for customers who care about their loved ones, their communities and the environment. The Borma Wachs oil finishes combine the most modern technologies with the will to choose without compromise, and allows you to protect and decorate high quality wooden floors and furniture whilst respecting all stakeholders - those who produce and apply them, those who have them in their homes and offices and those who become our future generations.