tecnologia classic tecnologia tradizionale a olio, cera e resina
The Natural Complementarity of Wood
Traditional Oil, Wax and Resin Technology

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A heritage inherited over thousands of years of work
Traditions can persist and evolve for thousands of years. The word tradition derives from the Latin “tradere” which literally means to transmit, deliver, give into custody. Traditional works of art, artifacts, craft techniques and arts are considered by governments as a precious heritage of cultural value to humanity and are protected by international, national and regional laws.

When technology meets the past
Traditional finishes are formulations based on solid resins, waxes and oils in liquid carriers. After application the solid substances harden directly or through chemical reactions between the components of the finishes.
The numerous practical difficulties encountered in the application phase are significantly reduced by the formulation experience that has been accumulated and handed down over the years in Borma Wachs. Traditional formulations guarantee excellent results even where there are limited manual skills or where difficult-to-treat substrates are used because the most effective additive used by Borma Wachs is ‘the love for wood’.
Traditional finishing systems with wax, oil and resin penetrate deeply into the wood, protect the surface, and enhance the natural color of the wood.

Protection that goes deep
The oil-based technology guarantees homogenous, even wearing without the threat of flaking, cracking and delamination. Retouching and restoring however significant can be done quickly without the need for time-consuming sanding operations.