August 2022 with Borma

AUGUST 27, 2022

Let’s take a step back....
A few notes about the evolution.
Not everyone knows that evolution has "left its footprints".
It is not only a figure of speech: scientists have traced the evolution of the various species that have occurred on Earth also through the footprints they have left.
They are genetic, fossil footprints but (as in the case of large animals such as dinosaurs) through the actual footprints they left in the ground.
It is a fascinating journey that, for those interested, we recommend to pursue.
However, there are footprints that we would never want to leave: they are those on our decks that must be protected and do not need to be studied by paleontologists or scientists.
It is therefore necessary that decks remain as intact as possible, free from the signs of our activity and from the signs of time.
BORMA has solutions for maintenance.
With a product that combines the natural origins of the oil with the resistance that only high-tech products can offer:

Two-component oil

For outdoor wood - high performance - VOC FREE
Blend of natural oils, with zero emissions, specific for the protection of outdoor wooden surfaces. Enriched with UV filters and preservatives, it guarantees high protection from atmospheric and biological agents. The addition of the catalyst increases its surface performance making it ideal for finishing terraces and decks in exotic wood. Odorless, available in the hues of the color chart, it can be customized according to the desired color using oil pigments.

Recommendations for application:
Preferably avoid application on overheated surfaces or under direct sunlight. The application of the product must be carried out as uniformly and continuously as possible, without interruptions. After catalysis, if necessary, the mixture can be diluted with Solvoil Plus.

Not only people suffer from the August sun. Wood probably needs protection the most. UV irradiation is an old enemy of the outside wood. A finishing product must stop UV rays and protect the wood from aging. Hence, UV filters and coverign pigments are recommended.

In hot weather, especially in the presence of high humidity, the wood is subject to dimensional stresses. To avoid breakage of the surface treatment, the protection must be flexible.

UV radiation and heat are not the only negative factors. Wood can also be attacked from inside by molds, lignivorous insects, fungi. To combat this danger, the protection must penetrate deeply and contain substances capable of preventing attacks by biological agents.

Wood is a natural, biodegradable material taken from the environment and after the end of the service time it should be returned to nature and decomposed. Out of respect for the nature, more and more people prefer products based on natural and renewable raw materials, with a low environmental impact. Would you choose a product created from natural raw materials compatible with wood or the pure industrial chemistry of synthetic resins?

Choosing between different products you will also pay attention to healthiness, giving priority to the one with the least amount of hazardous solvents, probably the water-based one.

Finally, you would like to have a protected, safe, ecological environment, but also a beautiful one, pleasant to look at, of a candid, bright color, which invites you to spend more time outside, on the terrace, in the garden etc.

We can list the characteristics of a perfect outdoor treatment, able to protect your wood at 360 ° and improve your experience in outdoor environments: flexibility, UV filters and covering pigments, deep penetration, protection from biological agents, base of natural products, safety, therefore the absence of dangerous solvents and finally a beautiful appearance ... Will it ever be possible to create a single product with all these characteristics? Continue reading to find out.


For outdoor wood - 360 ° protection - water-based product
Superwhite is a high-solid decorative finish based on natural resins and waxes. Combining performance, quality and brushability, it perfectly protects wooden surfaces giving a smooth and uniform finish, with maximum coverage. Quick and easy, Superwhite is the perfect solution for both the do-it-yourself and the professional use.

Ideal for external cladding, it is suitable for windows, doors, frames and any dimensionally stable element.

The precious ingredients and the UV filters prevent the formation of mold and the attack of lignivorous insects, also guaranteeing optimal resistance to atmospheric agents. Its high density facilitates application by brush, especially vertically (it does not drip). Thanks to its special super-bright mineral pigments, Superwhite allows to obtain an excellent decorative result with a very high level of resistance for outdoor use.

Recommendations for application:
On a suitably dry, clean surface, free from dust and oils, the product can be applied directly or on a first coat of Naturaqua Holzlasur to ensure proper adhesion. On exotic woods or woods with a high tannin content, it is recommended to apply a preliminary coat of Naturaqua Super Wood Sealer, catalysed, to prevent the natural water-soluble substances of the wood from causing dark stains. Superwhite is ready to use. Avoiding dilution with water preserves the excellent coverage of the product from the first coat. Lightfast and non-yellowing.

Today we wanted to spend with you a few moments outdoors. After a beautiful sunny day you can now relax and see how the wood will always be grateful to you, since BORMA WACHS products can make it new again and brighter every day. Pleasant reading to you and above all LONG LIVE YOUR WOOD WITH BORMA WACHS.

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Conformity EN 71.3 Toy safety - Part 3: Migration of certain items.
Eurofins danish laboratories have recognized the conformity of Borma Wachs oils to EN 71-III norm, relating to the migration of harmful heavy metals, guaranteeing the safety of the treatments in such a way that they can also be safe for use on childrens' toys.
Borma Wachs products are tested and approved by IBR, Intitut für Baubiologie Rosenheim. The performed analysis certify that our products are complying in terms of VOC content, biocides, heavy metals and radioactivity, guaranteeing full eco-compatibility with Green Building principles.
This product's safety is guaranteed more than just by EN 71-III certificate. Its safety for children is supported by DIN 53160/1-2 and DIN 68861/1 (Resistance to saliva and sweat; Resistance to cold liquids ) certificates as well. The product does not release harmful substances even when in contact with common alimentary liquids or mucuous membrane.
The product acts as fire retardant
Labeling of construction products
This label covers the French legislation relating to emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and the impact they have on indoor air quality after the product is brought into the room.
Labeling refers to the pollutants emitted once the products are spread and dried.

The IBR Green Building Institute had tested some of our products and determined that they correspond to the highest standards of the aforementioned French VOC legislation.
EMICODE EC1 - Low-emission building materials
Certified installation materials, adhesives and construction products
The EMICODE mark guarantees that the material has been tested and certified according to its emission level. Compared to 1997, low-emission building materials now have a TVOC value (total quantity of volatile organic compounds) from one hundred to one thousand times lower. The EMICODE mark is not issued if a building material is suspected of altering genetic makeup, causing cancer or impairing reproductive capacity.
APEO (alkylphenol ethoxylates)
APEOs (alkylphenol ethoxylates) are highly persistent chemicals, which are deposited in the tissues, penetrating, through them, into the food chain.
Recent studies demonstrate its toxicity and danger, as potential endocrine disruptors.