June 15, 2022 with Borma

JUNE 15,2022

Do you remember AZZURRO? The hit of summer 1968?
"Cerco l'estate tutto l'anno e all'improvviso eccola qua
Lei è partita per le spiagge e sono solo quaggiù in città...
Azzurro, il pomeriggio è troppo azzurro e lungo per me
Mi accorgo di non avere più risorse senza di te"

Here, this is the so-called “vacation syndrome” that takes place once a year.
For eleven months we yearn for holidays, like a traveler in the desert can't wait to get to the oasis.
Once these have finally arrived, often after the first few days of total idleness we begin to see how long the days are doing nothing.
We turn on the television and we find ourselves seeing "Murder, She Wrote" for the fiftieth time, hoping that this time the killer is not the billionaire's grandson but his trusty waiter: nothing to do, the culprit is last year, who then it was that of the year before and so on.
Get into sport and go for a bike ride? Are we kidding, with this heat that also handlebars melt?
Go find some refreshment in the park? So we risk sitting on a "dog gift"!
To join her at the sea, as Celentano said, there is no talk! We would wait for hours in line under a fierce sun.

Is there a way to pass the time?
Of course there is and we are here to explain it to you.
Surprise our sweetheart so that when she comes back all tanned she will find a work of art and we can boast of having sweated the proverbial seven shirts for making it.
Lying shamelessly. Because we will have transformed that old table left in a closet into a Provencal-style gem. With a few, simple steps, without transforming the house into a gas chamber, because we are talking about products that are totally odorless, harmless and above all very easy to apply.
And if the coffee table is instead of in the town house in the one by the sea, which looks great when, well toasted by a sunny day, the kind half will find that rocking chair all "dried up”, refurbished with the blue color of the sea .
How? But with BORMAWACHS products.
With Terrace Oil and Teak Oil we give new life to the outdoor area: let's see together how easy, intuitive and above all fun it is.

Now have we let ourselves go from the "trip" of perfection?
Nothing wrong with that, let's exaggerate! We expect an absolute lust of satisfaction and the pleasure of seeing the face of our sweetheart when she returns.


Single-component water-based detergent based on organic active ingredients. It allows you to effectively clean and prepare the surface before subsequent treatments, removing dirt residues and lightening the color of the wood. Specific for outdoor use, it is recommended to rinse the surface after application.


It is a decking oil formulated on the basis of reinforced natural oils, with a high penetration coefficient. Thanks to its low viscosity it penetrates deeply into the wood and thanks to the high solid content it gives effective and breathable protection without exfoliation and with a natural satin effect. Enriched with UV filters and protective additives against harmful wood agents. The product is characterized by an extreme ease of application, even if colored, and maintenance (it does not require sanding).


Oil-based product, ready to use, suitable for all wooden surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. It gives water repellency and maintains a pleasantly natural appearance on the surface. Also suitable for diving. It protects against atmospheric and biological agents and enhances the natural beauty of the wood. Colorless or pigmented. It does not undergo exfoliation and does not require sanding. It can be used alone as a periodic surface treatment or as a colored primer before transparent oil finishes.

Castelluccio di Norcia

Where do we go to enjoy some coolness?
There is a magical place, which few people know, but which is certainly one of the most fascinating places in Italy, and without fear of exaggerating, in the world.
A place chosen by the director Franco Zeffirelli to set the most engaging scenes of his BROTHER SUN, SISTER MOON, which remains, in the opinion of the writer, his best work.
The Piano Grande of Castelluccio di Norcia.
It is an altiplano located at about 1800 meters in which at the beginning of summer (which at these altitudes arrives after the beginning of July) nature unleashes a flowering of dozens of species that form a multicolored carpet of square kilometers of extension.
From the yellow of the dandelion to the red of the tulips, to the purple of the bluebells it is a delirium of colors that takes your breath away when, going up from Norcia towards the Forche Canapine pass, at a certain point you cross the hill and you are breathless, with an emotion which almost brings you to tears.
Exaggerated? Going and seeing is believing!

There is also a site: http://www.castellucciodinorcia.it/italiano/fioritura.htm in which all the blooms of previous years are shown.

Monti Sibillini

Other than cinematographic special effects Not even the great Dennis Murren, awarded several times with the Oscar or the great master of photography Vittorio Storaro, also awarded the statuette three times, would be able to give you the picture that Mother Nature gives us in this place that is closed on one side by the village of Castelluccio and on the other by Monte Vettore.
He used all the palette that Nature had at his disposal to compose this picture which is better than a Cezanne or a Renoir.


And if we have decided to go to Castelluccio, let's not forget to buy its lentils, famous all over the world.
Let's enjoy the peace of this paradise, or having a picnic in the flowery meadows or sitting in one of the typical trattorias that always offer the same food but every time different as only genuine foods can be.

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Conformity EN 71.3 Toy safety - Part 3: Migration of certain items.
Eurofins danish laboratories have recognized the conformity of Borma Wachs oils to EN 71-III norm, relating to the migration of harmful heavy metals, guaranteeing the safety of the treatments in such a way that they can also be safe for use on childrens' toys.
Borma Wachs products are tested and approved by IBR, Intitut für Baubiologie Rosenheim. The performed analysis certify that our products are complying in terms of VOC content, biocides, heavy metals and radioactivity, guaranteeing full eco-compatibility with Green Building principles.
This product's safety is guaranteed more than just by EN 71-III certificate. Its safety for children is supported by DIN 53160/1-2 and DIN 68861/1 (Resistance to saliva and sweat; Resistance to cold liquids ) certificates as well. The product does not release harmful substances even when in contact with common alimentary liquids or mucuous membrane.
The product acts as fire retardant
Labeling of construction products
This label covers the French legislation relating to emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and the impact they have on indoor air quality after the product is brought into the room.
Labeling refers to the pollutants emitted once the products are spread and dried.

The IBR Green Building Institute had tested some of our products and determined that they correspond to the highest standards of the aforementioned French VOC legislation.
EMICODE EC1 - Low-emission building materials
Certified installation materials, adhesives and construction products
The EMICODE mark guarantees that the material has been tested and certified according to its emission level. Compared to 1997, low-emission building materials now have a TVOC value (total quantity of volatile organic compounds) from one hundred to one thousand times lower. The EMICODE mark is not issued if a building material is suspected of altering genetic makeup, causing cancer or impairing reproductive capacity.
APEO (alkylphenol ethoxylates)
APEOs (alkylphenol ethoxylates) are highly persistent chemicals, which are deposited in the tissues, penetrating, through them, into the food chain.
Recent studies demonstrate its toxicity and danger, as potential endocrine disruptors.