May 2022 with Borma

MAY 25,2022

How fast time passes!
Just a minute ago we were talking about the previous summer, with the saltiness we breathed on the beach of Lido di Savio and here we are again in the open sea to breathe the air of this (hopefully!) Hot summer 2022.
"I am sailing, I am sailing,
home again 'cross the sea.
I am sailing, stormy waters,
to be near you, to be free"

About the passing of the years!
This is what the great Rod Steward sang in 1975 but being affected by SAILING in 2022 puts the same chills as it did then, with the melancholy that takes those who have gone from rebellious tuft to white hair or bald head.
Sailing has always been man's dream, ever since he created the first prototype of a "boat" with a tree trunk dug and placed on the water of a river.
Because feeling the wind that caresses you on your skin or fighting against the unknown have always represented the two sides of the same coin: challenging your limits and feeling free.
And when, if not in summer, this desire for freedom takes us all and we all want to experience our courage and our strength.
Simply going offshore with a skate or a rowing boat or, new Soldini, setting the sails and facing the open sea. Because the history of evolution teaches us that we all come from the sea and the sea is our "primordial mother".
So here we leave the shore and we feel at home. A house without walls, without a roof, made only of light, wind and water.
In this house we like to get lost even when the route is certain and safe. Because we know that, whatever may happen to us, in any case "we will go back to where we came from".

So let's sail and enjoy this dazzling light, the clouds that constantly change shape unleashing our imagination, the taste of the sun and water, both sweet and calm like that of a lake and strong and agitated like that of the open sea.
However, everything must be as we want it, not left completely to chance.
It is our mind that, following its own fantasies, will be left free to wander in unusual spaces.
With our feet firmly on our boat.
And with the boat that will never be like the trunk of our ancestors.
A trunk that after a very short time began to deteriorate, and finally, rotting, sank, often with those inside.
We cannot afford this and we cannot afford it.
First, because our boat, large or small, was not a "gift of nature" but we sweated it with our work and in a nutshell, we PAID for it.
Second, because just as we are proud to drive a car that is always shiny, we certainly don't want to cross lakes and seas with a completely flaking and dilapidated vehicle.
And then, how can we feel "long-time captains" if we command a "bald tub"?
The solution is at your fingertips, or better, at your fingertips. Because it is enough to use the right products and our vessel will always be as good as new.


BORMAWACHS products formulated with excellent quality raw materials but not only: because the ingredients are not enough without knowledge and experience! And BORMAWACHS brings to the boat the experience of decades of research and development, of very severe tests of resistance to durability, carried out in the most prestigious IBR International Institutes.

NATURAQUA EXTERIOR WOOD CLEANER - Intensive lightening detergent for wood.

Ready-to-use intensive water-based cleaner for outdoor wood. Special for exotic woods, it is ideal for cleaning terraces, garden furniture, pool edges and coverings. Slightly acidic, it allows with ease to remove encrustations and dirt in depth with manual or mechanical action tough due to exposure of the wood to the sun and bad weather. Not harmful to the vegetation.

NATURAQUA EXTRA STRONG WOOD CLEANER - Detergent paint remover for wood.

Ready-to-use water-based paint stripper for outdoor wood. Special for exotic woods, it is ideal for the radical cleaning of terraces, garden furniture, pool edges and coverings. His aggressiveness allows you to easily remove old finishes in depth with two simple steps exhausted and stubborn dirt due to exposure of the wood to the sun and bad weather.

NATURAQUA WOOD SEALER - Protective water repellent with natural effect.

Water-repellent insulating base water for the pre-treatment of external woods, in particular for those of exotic origin. Its particular formula allows an excellent adhesion on any type of wood and on it facilitates subsequent treatment. Ready to use, if catalysed it increases the surface resistance. Use in a 10:1 ratio with 4100-2K water-based paint hardener.


Highly elastic. Special for Nautical (Indoor / Outdoor use). Ready-to-use odorless primer / finish varnish, special for boating, with high elasticity and capacity filler. Enriched with UV filters, penetrating deeply, it gives a water resistant veil and to bad weather, protecting the wood for a long time, enhancing its aesthetics and its natural beauty. Easy to maintain.


Highly elastic. Special for Nautical (Indoor / outdoor use). Ready-to-use water-based primer / topcoat special for boating, with high elasticity e filling capacity. Very low VOC, with UV filters and antifungal additives, it penetrates deeply, attributing a veil perfectly resistant to water and bad weather, protecting the wood for a long time enhancing its aesthetics and its natural beauty.


It is a ready-to-use (internal / external) blend of oils. It gives a non-greasy protective veil perfectly water-repellent, with a pleasantly satin appearance. Easy to apply, the oils penetrate in depth protecting the wood from bad weather and harmful agents, enhancing the tone and the natural beauty. Equipped with UV filters.

DECKING OIL - Danish oil for outdoor wood

High solid urethane oil, with low environmental impact. Almost odorless, highly transparent, protects all types of wood. UV filters and preservatives make it special for outdoor use. Formaldehyde free.

And now that our boat has been refurbished and shines in the summer sun, where can we go to envy those who sail near us?
As we know, the Earth is also called the "globe" because it is mostly covered with water.
Indeed, scientists are deeply concerned that, fortunately, according to studies still to be demonstrated, in the coming decades some of the current land masses could end up under water.

But we don't want to be pessimistic and, following the ancient principle of "carpe diem" we think about today and at where we can "bordesare" under the sun.
If ours is a simple small boat (like a Ligurian "gozzo") nothing better than the tip that goes from Portofino in San Fruttuoso. It is certainly one of the most beautiful coasts in the world, where the green of the promontory is reflected in the blue of a sea which, thanks to the Marine Protected Area, established in 1999 by the Italian Government, has also become a paradise for divers, with a wealth of fish that has few equals in the Mediterranean.
And then, skirting the cliff and passing in front of Portofino, maybe you will come across some VIPs who, from the height of its 120 ', it will also be able to greet you.
And, to finish this mini-cruise, you can stop at Punta Chiappa di Camogli, moor yours ship and go up to SPADIN where the sea has been in every dish since time immemorial.

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Conformity EN 71.3 Toy safety - Part 3: Migration of certain items.
Eurofins danish laboratories have recognized the conformity of Borma Wachs oils to EN 71-III norm, relating to the migration of harmful heavy metals, guaranteeing the safety of the treatments in such a way that they can also be safe for use on childrens' toys.
Borma Wachs products are tested and approved by IBR, Intitut für Baubiologie Rosenheim. The performed analysis certify that our products are complying in terms of VOC content, biocides, heavy metals and radioactivity, guaranteeing full eco-compatibility with Green Building principles.
This product's safety is guaranteed more than just by EN 71-III certificate. Its safety for children is supported by DIN 53160/1-2 and DIN 68861/1 (Resistance to saliva and sweat; Resistance to cold liquids ) certificates as well. The product does not release harmful substances even when in contact with common alimentary liquids or mucuous membrane.
The product acts as fire retardant
Labeling of construction products
This label covers the French legislation relating to emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and the impact they have on indoor air quality after the product is brought into the room.
Labeling refers to the pollutants emitted once the products are spread and dried.

The IBR Green Building Institute had tested some of our products and determined that they correspond to the highest standards of the aforementioned French VOC legislation.
EMICODE EC1 - Low-emission building materials
Certified installation materials, adhesives and construction products
The EMICODE mark guarantees that the material has been tested and certified according to its emission level. Compared to 1997, low-emission building materials now have a TVOC value (total quantity of volatile organic compounds) from one hundred to one thousand times lower. The EMICODE mark is not issued if a building material is suspected of altering genetic makeup, causing cancer or impairing reproductive capacity.
APEO (alkylphenol ethoxylates)
APEOs (alkylphenol ethoxylates) are highly persistent chemicals, which are deposited in the tissues, penetrating, through them, into the food chain.
Recent studies demonstrate its toxicity and danger, as potential endocrine disruptors.