The best wood care products: certified and Voc-Free!

JULY 02, 2021


The best wood care products: certified and Voc-Free!

Are you looking for the best wood care productsfor your needs? Borma Wachs offers the finest and most eco-friendly solutions for the care of your wood.

Our company focuses on researching and developing quality products in respect of the European legislation on environmental sustainability: by choosing Borma Wachs, you are guaranteed to get the job done while respecting the well-being of workers and the planet. The Borma Wachs catalog includes several products that have been certified Voc-Free: unparalleled in emission safety!

The best wood care products: solvent-based products

Solvent-based products have been used for wood treatments throughout history, and the reason they are still used is because they're just perfect for a number of applications. Solvent-based products have unmatched tenacity, resistance to trauma, and ease of application in extreme weather conditions. Solvent-based products are usually thicker in nature and need to be diluted with turpentine or mineral spirits before application. These features, though, come at a price: these products need more dry time and the ‘voc’ they release are strong enough to cause headaches and breathing difficulties, beside having a persistent smell. These products are usually recommended for exterior coating and other outdoor applications.

The best wood care products: oil-based products

Oils have been used for centuries in wood-care: oil can penetrate through the wood's fibres giving it a lively look and protecting it from humidity and temperature shifts. There is a wide range of oils used in wood treatment and different kinds of wood will call for a specific kind of oil. Borma Wachs helps you find the right product for all your wood care needs! Our line of oil-based solutions includes the best wood care products and it is the result of years of research and development aimed at bringing to the customer unmatched quality and flexibility. Our oil-based products are compliant with European emissions requirements thus ensuring safety of application and low emissions.

The best wood care products: water-based products

The introduction of water-based paints has been the turning point of wood-care products: these paints are easy to apply, dry quicker, smell less and you can wash your brushes with water. Last but not least: these products are the most eco-friendly, and they are safe to use indoor without the need of consistent ventilation. There is a misconception that these advantages come at the price of durability; while it is true that solvent- and oil-based products will form a thicker, stronger film on treated surfaces, water-based wood care products perform better in regards of flexibility (they will resist the natural contraction and expansion of wood when subjected to temperature, humidity and UV light) and permeability (they form a microporous film that can let moisture in the wood evaporate).

Borma Wachs' “Naturaqua” line of products offers water-based wood care solutions for a wide range of applications, both indoor and outdoor. With Borma Wachs, superb quality and customer care don't have to compromise on environmental sustainability: let our products inspire you and enhance your craftmanship!




Conformity EN 71.3 Toy safety - Part 3: Migration of certain items.
Eurofins danish laboratories have recognized the conformity of Borma Wachs oils to EN 71-III norm, relating to the migration of harmful heavy metals, guaranteeing the safety of the treatments in such a way that they can also be safe for use on childrens' toys.
Borma Wachs products are tested and approved by IBR, Intitut für Baubiologie Rosenheim. The performed analysis certify that our products are complying in terms of VOC content, biocides, heavy metals and radioactivity, guaranteeing full eco-compatibility with Green Building principles.
This product's safety is guaranteed more than just by EN 71-III certificate. Its safety for children is supported by DIN 53160/1-2 and DIN 68861/1 (Resistance to saliva and sweat; Resistance to cold liquids ) certificates as well. The product does not release harmful substances even when in contact with common alimentary liquids or mucuous membrane.
The product acts as fire retardant
Labeling of construction products
This label covers the French legislation relating to emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and the impact they have on indoor air quality after the product is brought into the room.
Labeling refers to the pollutants emitted once the products are spread and dried.

The IBR Green Building Institute had tested some of our products and determined that they correspond to the highest standards of the aforementioned French VOC legislation.