igpure sanitize
igpure sanitize

Borma iG Pure

Silver Barrier Nanotechnology

Borma IG Pure nanostruttura | Borma Wachs | BPS srl
Hygiene Dual Functionality
Borma iG PURE is a cutting-edge, dual-function wooden finishing. Building on the innovations of R&D project results, Borma iG PURE is designed to provide long-lasting protection and self-regenerating cleaning action.
A high-tech polymer structure protects the wooden support and inorganic Silver technology on surface relay active ions providing optimal performance during water cleaning.
Wooden surfaces treated with Borma iG PURE offer greater hygiene between cleaning procedures.

Hygiene Key-features:
- Long-term active performance
- Self-regeneration between maintenance work
- Well-known, accepted and established Silver ions’ safety
- Borma iG PURE technology readily available in natural oil-based formulation
- Clear and color stability

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igpure sanitize
Borma IG Pure nanostruttura | Borma Wachs | BPS srl
Dual Functionality: operating principle
This special nanostructured inorganic crystals morphology allows:
- controlled release mechanism with long lasting effect
- optimized against light induced discoloration
- Targeted for finishing of wooden floor and furniture
- High heat resistance during buffering application
- Washing resistant during maintenance work

Dual Functionality: active barrier:
The daily washing operations of the surfaces will allow to activate a barrier against the proliferation of microorganisms, that are often the main cause for unpleasant odours. The particular structure of the inorganic crystals operates a gradual release of Silver metal ions.
It is a very important feature because precisely the nanostructure of the crystals allows the release of Silver via gradually dissolution of glass under humid conditions. In this way it possible to maintain over time the effectiveness of the protection.
Dual Functionality: time effectiveness
The inorganic nature of the nanostructured glass matrix containing Silver also allows heat resistance and against light induced discoloration, which is the typical problem using standard additives based on Silver nanoparticles.
Borma iG PURE has the ability to offer an intrinsic cleaning and sanitizing action. The technology of encapsulating silver and inserting it inside wood finishing substrates offers a continuous protection of the surfaces exposed to frequent contacts, such as floors, doors, and drawers.

Nanostructured core technology
Controlled release of silver via ion exchange under humid conditions.
Silver ions are incapsulated into nanostructured inorganic crystals in the micron range. Not a Silver nanoparticle.
igpure sanitize
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