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March 28, 2024

When only the best will do

Absolutely impeccable service from BormaWachs

I'm a professional Cabinet Maker, making mainly traditional higher end pieces of furniture, in a commercial workshop. I've been using BormaWachs products now for around 4 or 5 years after being recommended by another fellow cabinet maker. Honestly, I've never looked back, there's literally a product for everything I need, and believe me I have an extensive stock of their products.
Over almost 20 years, I've tried virtually all the popular and not so popular brands, which have been OK don't get me wrong. But BormaWachs is literally a one stop shop for every product I need and they all work extremely well, and I need products that can handle all types of abuse on my furniture.
The wax oils and waxes are simply sublime to touch which add a real touch of luxury to my pieces.
I've also used a lot of their products in my own home and outside in the garden, keeping everything looking tip top and BormaWachs fashion
The other, and I suppose, the best thing about BormaWachs is they are always there to help, if you are unsure of what product you need or have a strange request, they will always always go above and beyond to make sure you get exactly the right product.
Honestly I very rarely (if at all) use any other brand, my store cupboard good well be a BormaWachs display
Great stuff guys
Date of experience: 28 March 2024

Reply from Bormawachs UK (BWS Ltd)

Hi Matt, wow - what can we say! That's such a thorough and positive review. We really appreciate you taking the time out to review our products and service - it is immensely rewarding for a business like ours to get such in-depth feedback and it helps us to focus on continually improving what we do,
Warm regards
Giancarlo Cattoi

April 22, 2024

Very good products, recommended.
Hamza Saabna

March 24, 2024

I have been using the paint for several years. It is very excellet paint
Mike Veltri - WMS show in Toronto

NOVEMBER 09, 2023

After a fantastic WMS show in Toronto, with great frineds... the absolutely amazing BormaWachs wood finishing products... at the Canmade booth

OCTOBER 17, 2023

To date I think it is the best chalk base I have ever tried. I highly recommend

Gianluca Pastoricchio
This wax and restoration oil are also a cannonade
Tom Croome - England

AUGUST 2, 2023

Thanks for the love Borma
"Finding borma last year was fantastic for me, been a dream to use so far and very enjoyable and the finishes I'm getting are superb so big thank you..."
adrianoooooooooo70 - Italy

APRIL 19, 2023

I have been a customer of yours for about a year and I've always had a great time
Robbie - South Africa

MARCH 3, 2023

1/2K Parquet Lack water based 50/60 gloss.
Customer very happy!
It was sold to a contractor in DURBAN.
The contractor says he will definitely use the product again.
Will in due course test other BORMA products.

code: NAT4100-XX
...congratulations on your Holzwachs Lasur

MARCH 2, 2023

Congratulations on your Holzwachs Lasur 3 in 1 Wax Oil
Easy and performing
...you are always ready to help

FEBRUARY 11, 2023

Spanish customer

...you are always ready to help and you have high quality and competitive products on the market
A wonderful product...

FEBRUARY 5, 2023

Barbara Colombo

A wonderful product... my customers love it...
easy to use...
makes surfaces splendid and super resistant...
the wood "thanks"

code: 4916
My respect,...

DECEMBER 5, 2022

My respect, friendship Completed object on 207m2, photo from a partner.
A water-based covering system was used.
The first layer is Borma Shield (preservative soil), the second layer is Top Gel (color RAL 6003), but the customer wanted
an additional layer in color. The last layer is transparent Top Gel for reliable protection.
The ends were sealed with Log Sealer - a highly elastic soil insulator.
With such a system, the owner will forget about renewal or restoration for a long time.
Holz Lasur in the color Pine was applied to the binding in two layers.

codice 3630

codice NAT3350XX

codice 3610XX
Wonderful product... satisfied customers

OCTOBER 22, 2022

Barbara Colombo

borma_wachs_cz - Czech republic

SEPTEMBER 30, 2022

Hard wax oil HARDWAX PARQUET OIL in full beauty on the floors of Prague Castle.
We are very pleased that BormaWachs products are also involved in the reconstruction of the beautiful historical spaces of the Royal Palace and the Vladislav Hall in Prague Castle.

Hardwax Parquet Oil 4951-HW
borma.ru - Russia

AUGUST, 22 2022

Table top and steps of a staircase, a new masterpiece made by one of our customers using the #bormawachs products.

Grundieroel 3910XX
Hardwax Parquet Oil 4951-HW
Parquet Oil Quick 4951-XX
Andrés Flores - Chile

JUNE, 4 2022

Thank you so much for creating excellent products

APRIL, 27 2022

Terrace Oil (4971XX-IL) - color 173
Roberto Madorno - R&D chemlab and testing

APRIL, 16 2022

Il top del top made in Italy
Tseb Ganbat

APRIL, 09 2022

...our customers loving your product her in Mongolia...
Barbara Colombo - Enrico Menghini Revivalegno

APRIL, 09 2022

Ottimo prodotto per mobili al profumo di arancia
Abel von Rust

MARCH, 17 2022

L'olio è ottimo
Chiara M.

MARCH, 2 2022

Chiara M. - ordered through the shabby black and pink web shop
mobile made with our. colors
... thanking you for solving the problem ..., I am attaching photos of what you have allowed me to do with your colors.
Sauna Oil - Nikolay Astana - Kazakistan

FEBRUARY 7, 2022

Very simple and very beautiful.
Agnieszka Dorota (Padua - Italy)

JANUARY 22, 2022

I restored these tables with shabby products from Borma Wachs: fabulous products!

DECEMBER, 29 2021

I love it and use it like bread
Sergey Woodbud

JANUARY, 15 2022

It is so good to receive your feedback, and it is even better to receive it at such a large scale!!! ️ Our Borma Wachs varnished parquet were used in the restoration process of the old parquet in the Cathedral of St. George in Lviv. We are very grateful for such trust, for us it is an incredible opportunity to be part of such a big project and show our material in all its glory. The natural water-based paint did a great job highlighting the antique look of the parquet and protecting it from damage for a long time. Borma Wachs offers a large selection of parquet paints in various grades, from deep matte to high gloss. Likewise, you can receive advice from a leading technician who will select the necessary material for free according to your needs.
Tania La Manna

JANUARY 3, 2022

Stiamo ripitturando la stanzetta.
Con le vostre vernici è venuta una meraviglia.
Combinazione avorio e tortora... Uno spettacolo
Dmitry Ivchenko (Volgograd - Russia)

DECEMBER 29, 2021

Hello, dear friends. I want to say thank you for excellent products.
Im orthodox icon master and I always use your oils, waxes and gesso.
Maggioni Gabriele (luthier)

DECEMBER 22, 2021

Chitarra elettrica neck thru, body in mogano e acero, manico in mogano e wengé, tastiera in ebano.
Verniciatura iniziata con turapori di grafite e gommalacca Borma Wachs su tutte le parti in mogano, sottostrato preparatorio su tutto lo strumento, tastiera esclusa, in gommalacca Borma Wachs per sigillare e creare uno strato di aggrappaggio per le successive mani di olio Hard Top Oil (4916) Borma Wachs; turapori, sottostrato ed olio stesi a mano con tamponi di lino ripieni di cotone.

DECEMBER 14, 2021

Solo prodotti top
E' anni che uso la vostra roba
Sicuramente è il mio prodotto ideale e che mi da tante soddisfazioni
colorificiocassanifrancosnc - georgiusdelducato

NOVEMBER 17, 2021

Grazie mille al maestro Giorgio... rievocatore e falegname medievale XIV per averci scelto come fornitore di prodotti professionali per il trattamento del legno.

Lucidatura legno con olio @bormawachs.official



Conformity EN 71.3 Toy safety - Part 3: Migration of certain items.
Eurofins danish laboratories have recognized the conformity of Borma Wachs oils to EN 71-III norm, relating to the migration of harmful heavy metals, guaranteeing the safety of the treatments in such a way that they can also be safe for use on childrens' toys.
Borma Wachs products are tested and approved by IBR, Intitut für Baubiologie Rosenheim. The performed analysis certify that our products are complying in terms of VOC content, biocides, heavy metals and radioactivity, guaranteeing full eco-compatibility with Green Building principles.
This product's safety is guaranteed more than just by EN 71-III certificate. Its safety for children is supported by DIN 53160/1-2 and DIN 68861/1 (Resistance to saliva and sweat; Resistance to cold liquids ) certificates as well. The product does not release harmful substances even when in contact with common alimentary liquids or mucuous membrane.
The product acts as fire retardant
Labeling of construction products
This label covers the French legislation relating to emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and the impact they have on indoor air quality after the product is brought into the room.
Labeling refers to the pollutants emitted once the products are spread and dried.

The IBR Green Building Institute had tested some of our products and determined that they correspond to the highest standards of the aforementioned French VOC legislation.
EMICODE EC1 - Low-emission building materials
Certified installation materials, adhesives and construction products
The EMICODE mark guarantees that the material has been tested and certified according to its emission level. Compared to 1997, low-emission building materials now have a TVOC value (total quantity of volatile organic compounds) from one hundred to one thousand times lower. The EMICODE mark is not issued if a building material is suspected of altering genetic makeup, causing cancer or impairing reproductive capacity.
APEO (alkylphenol ethoxylates)
APEOs (alkylphenol ethoxylates) are highly persistent chemicals, which are deposited in the tissues, penetrating, through them, into the food chain.
Recent studies demonstrate its toxicity and danger, as potential endocrine disruptors.