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Borma Oil Pigments are solvent-based liquid dyes, formulated for the colouring of Borma Wachs oil and waxes. They can be completely mixed together, are resistant to UV rays and to weather. With the Borma Coloroil System it is possible to reproduce all stains of the Borma Wachs colour chart. All the following products can be coloured: Holzwachs Fluid, Holzwachs Lasur, Teak Oil, Grundieröl, Hard Furniture Oil, Hard Wax Furniture Oil, Hard Wax Oil 7030, Decking Oil, Parquet Oil.


Code CO00525     - 800 gr. Light Red
Code COB0525     - 3.000 gr. 
Code CO00565     - 800 gr. Rose
Code COB0565     - 3.000 gr. 
Code CO00516     - 800 gr. Blue
Code COB0516     - 3.000 gr. 
Code CO00066     - 800 gr. Violet
Code COB0066     - 3.000 gr. 
Code CO00527     - 800 gr. Green
Code COB0527     - 3.000 gr. 
Code CO00293TR - 800 gr. Transparent Oxide Yellow
Code COB0293TR - 3.000 gr. 
Code CO00295TR - 800 gr. Trasnparent Oxide Red
Code COB0295TR - 3.000 gr. 
Code CO00051      - 1.800 gr. White
Code COB0051      - 6.000 gr. 
Code CO00052      - 800 gr. Black
Code COB0052      - 3.000 gr. 
Code CO00593      - 1.400 gr. Oxide Yellow
Code COB0593      - 4.000 gr. 
Code CO00713      - 800 gr. Light Yellow
Code COB0713      - 3.000 gr. 
Code CO00913      - 800 gr. Yellow
Code COB0913      - 3.000 gr. 
Code CO00534      - 800 gr. Orange
Code COB0534      - 3.000 gr. 
Code CO00015      - 1.400 gr. Oxide Red
Code COB0015      - 4.000 gr. 
Code CO00915      - 800 gr. Dark Red
Code COB0915      - 3.000 gr. 

Method of Usage


Add and mix Borma Oil Pastes with the product of interest, according to the requested quantities to recreate the desired tonality. To obtain colours of the Borma, RAL or NCS colour charts, follow the recipes of the Coloroil System software. Personalized colours can also be obtained. It is suggested to use a maximum of 20% in weight of colouring paste overall, otherwise the drying time of the oil may significantly increase.