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Parquet Oil 2k

cod. 49512K


It's a blend of oils fully VOC free, bicomponent with excellent performances. For professional use only. Its special formulation makes it suitable for catalysis, increasing superficial hardness, reducing drying times. Dry, protect and nourish the wood, penetrating in depth granting a natural look with superficial wood touch. Suitable for any kind of wood , grants a durable hardwearing protection. Thanks to the high solid content, already a single layer is enough to obtain a very nice performing natural look finish. Perfect for all indoor wooden floors, suitable for kitchen or bathroom surfaces.


Code 49512K - 6 x 1Lt
Code 49522K - 2 x 2,5Lt
Code 49532K - 2 x 5Lt
Code 49542K - 1 x 10Lt
Code 49552K - 1 x 20Lt

Method of Usage

It's used in a mixture with its Catalyst.

First sand the wooden surface, with sandpaper grit 100-120. Take away all residuals of old lacquers, dirt, grease or dust.

Spread the catalyzed oil on the surface by rotating brushing machine, brown pad for a very natural effect or white pad to allow a bit more decorative effect. Pass all over the surface to form a protective veil.

If required, proceed to a second application, with white pad. The second application can be made immediately, wet-on-wet, or after 12-18 hrs from the first coat, without any intermediate sanding. Total dry time: 48 hours.